Surf Break at Paunch Sign

We moved to Bocas to get away from the grind and take a hold of our own careers and future. We moved from the Park City area in Utah, prior to that from Dallas, Texas. We love the outdoors and the Caribbean life and love to share our experience with others and to meet new people.

Alli and David Emerson, owners of Surf Break at Paunch

Looking back I guess this was always coming. David has wanted to own his own business forever. We both love the beach and the Caribbean culture. Alli is from Puerto Rico, and we got married there. On our honeymoon we stayed at a B&B in Rincon, Puerto Rico – a little surf town. We LOVED it. We met the owners and heard about their adventure of leaving New York City to open that B&B.  We LOVED that even more. It seemed unbelievably crazy and risky…but also so brave and inspiring.  Giving up the big city and all it’s comforts…living simple…giving up “more” to have “less” so that they could be happier.  We knew we wanted to do that…one day.

That “one day” came a lot earlier than we thought it would. Earlier than we could have possibly imagined. Not really sure how and why we made it happen or why now…I guess it was that we found the perfect spot for us to make this dream come true. We were inspired when we visited Bocas del Toro. And we thought…If not now, then when? Now it is…

If Not Now Then When Tattoo