After purchasing this unique property in November 2015 with one simple cabin style house, we spent the next year renovating and building two rooms and our dining area and lounge deck. We opened our doors to the public in November, 2016 and have been very fortunate to have strong support from the Bocas community and some amazing guests from all over the world. For those interested in who we worked with during the process of purchasing our property, building our B&B and opening our business, feel free to check out our Thank You page.

We are so excited to share the images of the construction & creation of our dream with you! Hopefully you will be able to visit and see it in person one day!!


We started with just a one room, one bathroom house on stilts on the top of a hill. We were lucky enough that the land was cleared – which gave us a wonderful canvas to start from!

Phase 1 Build – The Garden Apartment

Phase 1 of the build included basic fixes and renovations to the existing apartment and building out a new apartment on the ground floor (now called the Garden Apartment). This phase took approximately 2 months of build and 1 month of design and decoration work.

Phase 2 Build – Bar / Restaurant & The Tree CAbin

For phase 2, we built out a new standalone cabin and a restaurant. Both of the new buildings have decks overhanging the edge of the hill on our property…which makes it really feel like you’re sitting in a tree house- as close as we can get you to the tranquility and magic of the nature all around us. This phase took approximately 4 months of build time and 1 month of design and decoration work.