We have made tons of new friends already in our time here in Bocas. There a few that we want to take the time to thank publicly, as they have been a huge part of making our island dream come true. If your interested in their services we have provided contact information or you can go to our Contact Us page to shoot us a message!

Bocas Paradise Found Realty
Mark & Jacy were amazing and super patient as we searched for our dream location.  We visited several times – each time with more refined criteria. They gave us some great options each time, great advice for additional possibilities and were always very friendly, direct and speedy with their responses. From search to closing they held our hands to navigate a system we were very unfamiliar with. Go to bocasparadisefound.com to see what property they have listed or to get in contact with them.

Lawyer: Daniel Anaya (Anaya & Associates)
Daniel was by our side and guiding us through the process all along our journey here in Bocas. He oversaw the details and follow ups here in Bocas when we were buying our property (incredibly helpful since we weren’t even in Bocas yet), he led us in the creation of our corporations and even helped us navigate through the complexities of an unfamiliar legal and government system to ensure our brand and business were properly set up. We continue to seek his advice on a regular basis and love how familiar he is with Bocas and the community here. For more information, go to http://www.bocaslaw.com.

General Contractor: Mainor Castillo
Hiring a general contractor was probably one of the things that worried us the most.  We had received a lot of mixed feedback about experiences working on construction projects here and of the complexities of working on an island like Bocas (access, weather, etc).  We received two recommendations for Mainor – both from people that we respected. He’s been very communicative, responsive and transparent with his work and costs. He has solid contacts in the municipal government here – which has been a huge help in the various permits and approvals we needed. His crew does a great job, and Mainor has gone above and beyond to be sure our projects stays on track (or as close as possible to on track when trying to work around the weather here). You can reach Mainor by email at [email protected] or by cell phone at +507-6579-4506.

Interior Design Direction by Kamron & Bonnie
We met Kamron when we first moved here and saw she had some good experience with designing other spaces as well as great ideas for how to use materials we already had or had easy access to. We asked her and Bonnie to work with us on ideas in phase 2 to help really bring it to life – especially the bar & restaurant area.  They were very available, had lots of great ideas, super collaborative and were flexible in working within our budget. Sometimes they provided ideas that we would execute, and for others they took the reigns to see it come to life. But either way, it was always a pleasure to work with them!