Visiting a place like Bocas del Toro requires advance knowledge of the area and what to expect in order to make your trip enjoyable.  Some people love it, others not so much –  it’s not for everyone. Below we have summarized key information on what you can expect while you’re here staying with us on our property as well as what some things to know about Bocas to help you prepare for your trip.

If you have not already, please be sure to review the reservation requirements,  cancellation policies, and house rules on the Policies & House Rules page if you are considering staying with us. Please note that the reservation and cancellation policies may differ if you are renting our rooms through another reservation website.

As your packing for your trip, be sure to have a look at out What to Bring page too!

About Panama and Bocas…
  • Panama businesses accepts US dollars. However, there is only one ATM on the island and occasionally (during very busy times, particularly around the holidays) it can run out of money. So, we encourage you to bring some cash with you to Bocas.
  • Although we are on city electric (electrical outlets are 120v), it is not uncommon for the power to go out in Bocas. It doesn’t usually go out for very long, but occasionally it will be out for more than a few hours.For these cases, we provide back up lights for our guests in their rooms and we have a generator that we can use as a last resort for longer outages (in which case it will be turned on a few times a day at designated time frames to allow for recharging devices, showers and limited cooking).
  • We are on a tropical island known for a higher level of waterfall than many other places in the world.  Most days it will rain at least a little bit (many times in the night or early morning). But there are some days where it rains all day. We are available for recommendations on “rainy day” plans and also have games and books available if you just want to hang here and relax.
  • It is important to be familiar with the seasons here in Bocas del Toro, to make sure that you have the best chance of having the experience you’re looking for.
    • Rainy season is December, January and May through August.
    • Dry season is February through April and September through November, with September and October being the slowest part of low season – so a great time for those looking for mostly blue skies, the best prices and less crowds.
    • The best months for surfing are December though April, June, July and August. Click here for the latest Bocas del Toro surf reports.
    • The best months for swimming are September & October.
  • If you’d like to learn more about Bocas, we encourage you to continue your research on other websites, such as and
While you’re staying with us…
  • We have WiFi that is free for guest use, however given our somewhat remote location, WiFi access is not always 100% reliable. Sometimes it will work (most times) and other times it may not work (especially during bad weather or if there is a power outage).
  • All rooms and common areas have fans. Given our location by the beach and on a hill, we have excellent breezes and airflow – and thus we do not have AC in our rooms.
  • Given our location, we also have less of a problem with mosquitos and “chitres” (also called no-see-ums, sand fleas, etc.) as compared to other places on the islands. BUT, we do still get mosquitos – thus we provide mosquito nets above the beds but we recommend you also bring plenty of strong insect repellent.
  • Occasionally you will see geckos or other small bugs that get into the rooms and sometimes you might even see bats flying around. This is a part of Bocas and staying near the jungle – especially for those that leave their room open during the day/evening to enjoy the breeze. For the most part we are happy to have them visit – as they are usually eating mosquitoes, moths, etc.
  • We are situated up on a small hill. The walk or bike ride up the drive way should be handled with care, particularly at night, when flash lights are quite important to have on hand.
  • We have a dog and two cats that live with us on the property.  They are very friendly, and will greet you warmly and with lots of kisses. But if you have any allergies or are uncomfortable around dogs or cats, just let us know and we have no problems keeping them out of the way during your stay.
Relax, have fun…
  • While we are situated on a hill without tons of other houses or businesses right next to us (so that you can enjoy nature all around you), we are lucky enough to be close to some of the best activities, restaurants and bars on the island…all within walking and/or biking distance. 
  • We can accommodate events in our common areas.  Costs would be discussed on a case by case basis, depending on number of people, if bar access and/or catering is required,etc. Large groups or events are not permitted on the property unless approved & arranged by management in advance.
  • Under special circumstances, we can rent out the entire property for your group trip, wedding or other event. The entire property sleeps up to 7. We can discuss access to the restaurant areas if needed.  If you need more space, there are other vacation homes very close by that we can put you in touch with.
  • We currently do not provide surf boards or other water “toys” for free or for rent.  Surf boards can be rented nearby (within walking distance) – and there are many more options for rentals in town.
  • We can provide recommendations and/or  basic concierge service as needed. With at least one day advance notice, we can help arrange for taxis and/or water taxis to take you to any of Bocas’ beautiful destinations. We can sometimes make arrangements same day, but having at least a day helps make sure we can arrange for exactly what you want. PLEASE do not book any tours at the airport as there are a few individuals who prey on tourists and apply pressure to book. They will overcharge you!